Owner Services

Owner Services

The owner services of Fairway Vacation Rentals have three primary objectives:

  1. To preserve and protect the property of our owners;
  2. To maximize rental revenue, consistent with the objectives and constraints established by our owners; and
  3. To make the entire rental experience as worry free and effortless as possible for our owners.

With Fairway Vacation Rentals you will be “plugging into” the repeat and referral renter base developed over 20 years of experience in the valley. (See “About Us” for details on our firm’s history.) Additional factors which distinguish us from other management firms include the following:

  • Exceptional RENTAL REVENUE achieved by cutting edge online marketing & enthusiastic base of repeat & referral renters;
  • A professional “front desk” that provides an upscale image and the security of a personal, one-on-one guest check-in;
  • We accept Visa and Mastercard from our guests at no additional cost to our owners;
  • We do a monthly newsletter to owners that also includes a detailed reporting of revenue, expense, advance bookings, etc.
  • We extend a significant discount in management fees for occupancies where the renter is referred exclusively by owner.

Our extensive experience in the vacation rental business makes us ever-mindful of the following: